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“The Pretty Bag Company was born from one unique sparkly bag that I painted for myself… to hundreds of “spoilt” girls everywhere carrying their bespoke and personal bags, with pride… Here’s how it began!

I am the only girl in my house, with a hubby and two very busy boys… so, to say I am out voted on ‘spiderman versus girly stuff’ in my house, is an understatement!!!

I have therefore had to overcompensate, by making my things sparkly and glittery, and VERY girly!! I have always loved to paint and draw, including portraits for lots of friends and family, and my mum has still kept lots of my sketches and drawings from when I was a little girl. I always used to draw girls with big pretty eyes, and pretty outfits.

I am known by my friends, for glamorising almost every single outfit I buy, by adding diamante bows or anything that sparkles. It was even given its own name, and became known as ‘julifying’ everything!

I painted my first ‘be spoilt’ bag, when I started noticing lots of people carrying a ‘bag for life’ everywhere, as in Wales (that’s where I live) all bags in shops are 5p (it’s a good idea to encourage us to reuse and recycle our existing bags).

Anyway… I decided that I couldn’t carry any old ordinary bag, and set about ‘julifying’ one of my own! I bought some fabric paints (as they are waterproof and it rains a lot in Wales), some glitter and I already had diamantes and ribbons from my many projects, and set about customising my own!

I sketched out loads of ideas… and eventually weeks later, as I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I came up with my first bag.

I had lots of comments on it everywhere I went, and family and friends where all asking me to make some for them, and for them to give as gifts! So this is where the ‘be spoilt’ bag was born.

I decided to open a page on facebook, and before long, my ‘likes’ where increasing daily… friends where sharing my page when I was uploading new bag photos… AND THEN…

I had my first official order… I was soooo excited! I set up a bank account, and linked it to a new paypal account, and my own little business began!

My hubby helped me come up with the ‘be spoilt’ branding, as he always calls me his “spoilt little princess” he he. The SPOILT is actually an acronym – Sparkling Princess of Immaculate Luxurious Taste, which I think describes us spoilt girls perfectly!!”

– Julie x